Kamis, 05 Maret 2015

many tiger snares removed - reason to worry

The support of new donors enables the FKL-ACT program to expand patrol activities into new areas inside the Leuser Ecosystem. It usually takes time before a newly estabelished field team becomes really effective, but this time it did not take long before the first tiger snares were found. At the one hand this is good news, as several tiger snares have been dismantled. At the other hand it is rather worrying that so many tiger snares are found in a relatively short time span.

The new team did a great job in tracing illegally set snares, as is shown on pictures below (the area is made unlocatable, not every waypoint is a snare)

tracing snares is hard work

this snare won't kill any tiger for sure

Finding several tiger snares in a short span of time might mean tiger poaching in the Leuser Ecosystem is even worse than initially thought.  More teams are needed to cover all of Leuser's key wildlife areas. The FKL-ACT Program aims to further increase the number of field teams to eventually cover all of Leuser's tiger and other wildlife areas.