Senin, 03 Januari 2011


There are several reasons why many of Leuser's animal species have rarely or never been filmed in the wild.  The Leuser Ecosystem is a huge area and many animals are nocturnal, scared of people and very rare. Also, the dense tropical vegetation makes it often impossible to see anything beyond a couple of meters and also makes it hard to move around.

To see animals like orangutan, thomas langurs and hornbills is not very difficult; just walk through the forest and you will find them for sure.  However, to get a glimpse of  Leuser's more elusive animals species such as one of the 8 species of cats, other methods are required.

Video trapcamera's are rapidly becoming very popular.  There are several companies that make these devices and they are getting more sophisticated and affordable every year.  By using trail camera's, rare animals such as the sumatran rhino on Borneo have only recently been filmed for the first time.

 For this project I'm thinking of buying around 10 cams, but I don't know yet which brand or model. There are quite some companies that make these things, but many don't seem to be very reliable.  is a great website to get to know which camera is best.

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pit viper: what sub species??

I added footage of a snake, I think its a pit viper, but don't know the latin name of this sub species. It's filmed near agusan research station, near blankejeren. 

Sabtu, 01 Januari 2011


Today I created this blog for a project that starts in april. On the video and photo pages you can find  pics and video footage of previous projects in Leuser between 2000 and 2010.