Forum Konservasi Leuser, or FKL, is an Indonesian nature organisation, run 
by experienced and award winning conservationist with a lifelong commitment to the conservation of the Leuser Ecosystem. With legal support from 
the Department of Forestry, FKL conducts a wide variety of 
activities with the sole aim of keeping the Leuser Ecosystem a contiguous, intact forest landscape, for the well-being of millions of people in it's surrounding and the conservation of a large number of endangered and critically endangered species. 

ACT Leuser, which stands for Active Conservation Throughout Leuser is a special program under the FKL umbrella which focuses on long term, systematic in situ action to enhance protection for Leuser's tigers and other wildlife.   

6 komentar:

  1. This is an amazing project, important to make public - thus archiving and hopefully raising awareness for - the preservation of species in their indigenous and relatively undisturbed? environment. HI am curious: how aware of you and the traps are they? how much interaction do they have with humans? Thanks.

  2. As you can see some animals look at the cameras and some just walk by. there's not much interaction with human, because not many people live in the area. I have never seen any of the animals seen in the videos, they are very shy.

  3. Prachtig blog schitterende video,s
    Lekker genieten van al dit moois.

    Regards Bert.

  4. Schitterend om te zien dit. Ik heb 3 maanden in een kamp in Leuser gezeten voor onderzoek naar Orangs, vanuit de Universiteit Utrecht. Ik heb ook zelf een encounter gehad met een tijger, maar geen zwijnen, beren, olifanten of andere katachtigen gezien. Hoeveel camera's worden er in bomen gehangen? Een collega met cameratraps in orang-oetan nests had namelijk erg veel andere dieren op de camera.

  5. fantastic! a picture says a thousand words but video offers so much more! thanks for sharing and hopefully this will move more and more people to start a real action for conservation!

  6. Really a great action! Could you also take videos of the poachers for prosecution? It seems to be that poaching is one of the main threads to this fantastic forest


species on camera:

  • sumatran elephant
  • sumatran tiger
  • sun bear
  • marbled cat
  • golden cat
  • leopard cat
  • sumatran serow
  • sambar deer
  • binturong
  • giant squirrel
  • sumatran hog badger
  • Yellow-throated marten
  • banded linsang
  • masked palm civet
  • banded civet
  • monitor lizard
  • squirell
  • otter
  • eurasian pig
  • pangolin
  • porcupine
  • mouse deer
  • muntjac / barking deer
  • pig tailed macaque
  • moon rat
  • long-tailed macaque
  • orangutan
  • thomas leaf monkey
  • pit viper
  • Long-tailed giant rat
  • aceh pheasant
  • Bronze tailed Peacock Pheasant
  • Crested Goshawk
  • Crimson-winged Woodpecker
  • crested serpent eagle
  • white winged duck
  • Chestnut-naped Forktail
  • greater coucal
  • malayan crested fireback pheasant
  • mountain imperial pigeon
  • argus pheasant
  • emerald dove